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General Intro

Rib Lath for Spacing Wall Structure Support

Concreate rib lath is mainly for small or big spacing wall plastering. It is manufactured from Hot Dipped Galvanized Sheet, expanded. The distinguishing feature of rib lath is the evenly spaced strips of solid metal (ribs), that provide stiffness to the sheet. 

Rib lath is manufactured with various sizes of ribs. The ribs of flat rib lath have a depth of not more than 3 mm (1/8 inch).

Flat rib lath, like diamond mesh metal lath, provides all purpose mortar support, but its added rigidity due to the ribs permits wider spacing of supports.

Rib laths incorporating deeper ribs are also available. The deeper ribs facilitate self furring and the additional rigidity permits wider spacing between supports than with flat rib lath. Rib lath is the form of metal lath that is usually used on soffits.





Rib height Rib distance Kg/m2 Width of piece
305080 0.30 16X11 8 150 085 600
355080 0.35 16X11 8 150 1.00 600
405080 0.40 16X11 8 150 1.14 600
455080 0.45 16X11 8 150 1.28 600
505080 0.50 16X11 8 150 1.43 600

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