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General Intro

Rebar Tying Wire

Rebar Ties can be supplied in coiled wire forms for the steel rebar fixing and tying demands in concrete construction. Black annealed rebar tie wire is the most welcome material. The popular forms of rebar tie wire is small coiled wire or looped tie wire. It can be supplied in the single loop or double loop wire, pencil rod straight line.

Concreate as China expert supplier of reinforcing steel products, carries rebar ties of various metals and forms. Nnot only black annealed rebar tie wire, we also supply galvanized steel and plastic coated finishes.

Common Specifications:
Wire Di
ameter: 15#,16#,16.5#,17#
Tensile strength:300-450N/mm2
Wire Elogation:Min 15%

Processing of Black Annealed Rebar Tie Wire:
Materials: Low carbon steel wire, through the process of wire drawing, acid washing and rust removing, annealing
Features: It offers excellent flexibility and softness through the process of oxygen free annealing.
Application: Mainly used as tie wire or binding wire in construction, used in woven wire mesh or crafts making, etc.
Packing: In coils and each coil to be wrapped inside with PVC strips and outside with Hessian cloth or inside with PVC strips and outside with weaving bag also can be made according to our customers' requirements.

 Black Annealed Wire for Rebar Ties:
BWG 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
(mm) 4.19 3.76 3.40 3.05 2.77 2.41 2.11 1.83 1.65 1.47 1.25 1.07 0.89 0.81 0.71
Packing 1.inside polyethylene film, outside PVC or hessian cloth
2.small coils of 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m, and so on spider packing then into cartons
Note both hot-dipped galv. and electro galv.
BWG 23-32 available as buyer's option
Rebar Tie Wire SWG16.5 & 16 Packing: 3-1/2lb/coil & 3-1/8lb/coil then into cartons
Rebar Tie Wire, Black Annealed, Small Coil Tie Wire for Steel Bar Fixing in Construction
Rebar Tie Wire, Black Annealed, Small Coil Tie Wire for Steel Bar Fixing in Construction

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