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General Intro

Beam Bolster

Concreate Beam Bolster is used to support lower beam steel from the slab form, hence also known as Slab Bolster. We supply three major types: Standard, beam or slab bolster uppers and beam bolster with plates.

Made of galvanized mild steel, all legs are spaced 2-1/2” on centers. Available in 3/4” to 5” heights in 5’-0” lengths. Other lengths are available on request. Metal beam bolsters are very important reinforcing steel parts.


Beam Bolster Upper

Concreate Beam Bolster upper is used to support successive layers of steel one above the other. Legs spaced 2-1/2” on centers in standard 5’-0” lengths. Other lengths are also available on request.

Beam Bolster with Plate

Concreate Beam Bolster with Plate is used to support heavy bottom steel on soft material. Details are same as for standard beam bolster with the addition of a bearing plate. Available in 5’-0" lengths only.

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