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General Intro

Ocean Pipe-Line or Canal Reinforcing Welded Wire Mesh Mats

Canal reinforcing wire mats is made of special welded wire fabrics in the pipeline or deformed hexagonal wire forms. This kind of welded reinforcing mesh is made with deeply pre-crimped steel wire for concrete weight coated subsea pipelines and canals protection.

Technical Information:
Specifications of pipe-line or canal reinforced:
Material: Low Carbon Steel wire.
Wire Gauge: 1.8mm.
Hole: 12*25.
Surface: Galvanized.

The material of subsea pipe-Line or canal reinforced mesh mats is low carbon steel with galvanized coating. It can either be cold galvanized wire or hot dipped galvanized meeting the ASTM standard. The line wires are deeply pre-crimped then welded to form a wave structure for the easy using in the concrete application.

Packed Canal Reinforcing Wire Wave Welded Pipeline Reinforcing Mesh
Pre Crimped Wire Structure

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